Wedding Banquet Lip Lustre Gloss

Wedding Banquet Lip Lustre Gloss

"Wedding Banquet" Lustre Gloss 


Is Inspired by the parable of the wedding feast that Jesus shared in Matthew 22.


This parable has always challenged and convicted me personally because of the story line itself. A king sent his servant out to remind everyone of His guest about His wedding feast he planned for them. One by one, each "guests" responded to the servant that they were "too busy" with their lives, new seasons, or daily actiities that they could no longer attend this sacred feast. This sadden & passionately upset the king & opened his wedding banquet for whoever could now join & forsaking those who denied their invitation to come and sit with the King. 


I because i sometime fall victim to the "busyness" of life. My job, my marriage, my social life, my goals, etc.... that i can be neglectiful to the invitation that is for me to sit before the feet of the King. 


I never want to be too busy for Him. I never want to put before God any titles that soon become idols. 


Wedding Banquet is a call to be reminded that the invitation to sit before the King is not only always open, but always comes 1st.  

  • Product Info

    Cruelty Free, Vegan and Paraben Free Product. 

  • Color Description

    Wedding Banquet gloss is shimmer free, baby pink gloss. 

    Super juicy finish !

    Can be worn alone or as a top gloss to finish off your lip look!