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"LuLu" is a shade I knew I would do before anyone even knew about Unfiltered. "LuLu"'s story is a message of life, joy, hope, love, resillence, and faith. It's name after my God daughter, Ashlyn Lucy. Nicole, who is one of my best friends struggled with infertility for years. She's a cancer survivor & countless doctors warned her that she would either be unable to bear a child or if she did become pregnant, she would never be able to carry to term without potentially losing her child or her life. I remember countless days & nights of tears, fasting, praying, doctor's visits, and anything else you could think of that Nicole did in order to just concieve. There were nights where i saw my friend wage war agaisnt hopelessness, days where she wanted to give up the idea of being a mom - but I thank God she didn't. Because today, my beloved Ashlyn, is a little over 2 years old. 


When Ashlyn was born in January 2017, it was right after my life had fallen apart. I moved back to Louisiana in February of 2017 & held her for the first time. It was like looking into the eyes of "HOPE". This beautiful baby girl was not just a living, breathing, miracle. God used Ashlyn's life to show me that He has the final say, that His promises - no matter how impossible it may seem, WILL come to pass. Ashlyn was and still is a symbolism of hope to my heart. She is the fruit of a mother, sister, and friend who even when the odds were stacked agaisnt her - fought for the promise of LIFE that was inside of her. 


The hardship of infertility can sometimes seem unbearable. It can be one of the lonliest places where the enemy wants to tell you that God hs forgotten you, He's punishing you, something is "wrong" with you becuase you can not concieve.. and HE IS A LIAR. You are God's woman , CREATED in His image to help push life into this earth. The enemy wants to steal your hope, but don't let him. Because as you can see from Nicole's story - NOTHING is impossible for OUR GOD. 


 "LuLu" is a shade I love to dedicate to my beautiful girl Ashlyn Lucy, for Nicole's fight. It's a shade that I pray sends out a beaming light of hope for those who are believing to concieve. You are not alone. And i, along with all of heaven call you - MOTHER. 

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    Cruelty Free, Vegan and Paraben Free Product. 


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    LuLu is described as a warm rosey pink shade. It looks beautiful for any occasion when you want to wear a nude that stands out for summer and all year around!