Serving Jesus when life seems to be falling apart.

I recently had the honor of teaching a virtual bible study for an amazing organization founded by my dear friend Wanda Mulzac, called "The Blossom Movement". I share my heart on how to walk your way through life's toughest storms. I know what it's like when you're serving Jesus, being obedient, walking by faith and life hits you where it hurts the most! In those times it causes us to scream at the top of our lungs "IT'S NOT FAIR!". In this video I share things that I have learned & practical ways to remain focused in unfair seasons. I share some of my most vulnerable moments on how when I did lose focus & what it cost me.

For more info on The Blossom Movement, please visit their social media :

Instagram : theblossommovement

Facebook: The Blossom Movement

Founder: Wanda Mulzac

Instagram: @wandaanicole


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