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Setting the tone...Why the "start" matters.

A lot of times people say: "it doesn't how you start but how you finish". But what if how you start does matter? What if "the start" sets the tone for the journey?

The bible says the "plant the seed into good ground, those who do will be able hear & understand", Matthew 13:23. Which lets me know - where I start, how I start, MATTERS. The finish product can't sustain without FIRST starting in GOOD ground.

That good ground sets the tone for the journey ahead. Sometime I can be so ready to start a new season, move to the next thing, or even as simple as starting a new week, that I don't do my own diligence and make sure that I plow the fields of my own heart for what's ahead. A lot of us are going through so much transition, and no matter what is ahead - whether it's a new week, a new job, new business ventures, new friendships, new time of being set apart, new relationship, new singleness, new state, new hidden seasons, new "stepping out in faith" seasons, SO MUCH NEW.

In order for me to see the big picture, to HEAR the voice of God & truly UNDERSTAND His heart in the midst of all the NEW, plowing the fields of my heart so it all begins in good ground - is necessary.

So how do I do that? Whether is starting a huge new journey of a new season or simply starting a new week on Monday morning (like tomorrow) lol

  1. Get at least 3-5 scriptures that you are standing on and believing for, for the following week / season to come. These scriptures should pertain to your spiritual growth/convictions, your emotional healings & maturity that's needed, mental heath & renewing certain areas of your thought pattern in order to set new goals & "disciplines" for the next week / season to come.

  2. Set your boundaries. Boundaries are crucial for every season, every week, basically everything lol! Every NEW goes through this interesting "testing" period where we're learning how to maneuver through & around things, people, situations, jobs, etc.. I'm the type of personality I LOVE to be ALL IN. It's hard for me to taking things in stages & set boundaries. Ultimately setting boundaries sets your priorities. In order to reach ANY new goals, whether mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.. boundaries are the roots to the branches of what has priority in your life, which ultimately dictates the fruit that will come out of each week/season.

  3. Reflect on things you've learned in your last week, seasons. What things would you do better & why?

  4. Set the tone & the atmosphere. What you feed yourself at the start of each day can have an affect of your perception of reality. Are you picking up social media the first thing in the am? Feeding your soul whatever is on the gram or facebook? It can impact your struggles with comparison, insecurity, or pressure "to be" when God's said "be still". Are you texting or responding to everyone "in need", so your first thing every am is a state of "pour out" before you've allowed God to "pour in"? Leaving you with state of exhaustion before you even begin the day with expectation for the day, you're drained.

Not gunna lie, it has only been the last few months that I've have been sacredly intentional about the start of my day. I have to start off in worship, I have to start off vocalizing to God what I'm thankful for - even if everything seems chaotic & dark. I speak to my soul to encourage my soul and shift my sight to thankfulness. I have to start off in prayer & setting goals. I have to feed myself daily the courage to dream again.

As the new is in constant motion, as our days & weeks seem blurred with this quarantine, as we've shifted into so much unfamiliar territory... don't think the start is useless. Don't let the stress of the transition distract you from intentionally beginning strong. You got this. God saw this coming. His heart for you is good.

BE courageous, Be brave. Start new goals. Set your boundaries. Shift your perspective by speaking life & hope.

I love you so,


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