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Restoration... is MESSY.

After giving my life back to Christ, I thought maybe it would be rainbows and butterflies. I was most definitely taken a back to find that after surrender came the fight of my life.

Walking out being restored by God, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually was NO easy journey. Each and every day was a decision to not give up, or simply get out of bed.

In this video I share parts of my journey on how I had to walking out being "renewed" in my mind and heart. There were many days I wanted to give up, many days I felt that I was still the same person I was, many days where I felt bound by condemnation, my past, my fears, how could God love or even ue me again? Many days I felt hopeless & alone... all the while fighting for the promise on my life.

I pray this video brings clarity and hope to anyone's heart that has returned HOME. You're not a prodigal son, you're a Comeback Kid.

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