Freedom Fridays Ep 4 - Victim Mentality

I used to use my victim mentality as a crutch to my disobedience, lack of self discipline, faith, or why I always quit everything I started.

I used to tell myself “man if would’ve had this growing up”, “if these people would’ve never we done me dirty”, “if I only had this much money”, “if I would’ve gotten that opportunity that this person got ..” I used these as excuses and continued to blame everyone for my “why”. It’s true trauma can leave residue - but it’s our job to heal. It’s our responsibility to take back our triumph.  It’s true different ethnicities through out our history haven’t been dealt a fair hand - and that is a severe understatement of a word. But now that we are NEW creations in Christ Jesus, we don’t seek from the hand of man but we seek the face of God. HE orders our steps. He provides the blueprint & tools we need to build His kingdom. We just can’t build with closes fists.

Release the victim mentality & start building.


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