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FOCUS - the framework for the inward work.

Whatever you FOCUS on frames the photo of your perspective.

Your perspective can help navigate you or hinder you. Hinder you or help navigate you in your present relationships, whether personal or business, Hinder or help you navigate in your decision making.

When the frames of your perspective have a bad focus - it will hinder you in preparing for your future because of your past. That’s when your focus frames are more so crafted out of BITTERNESS. The root of that is unforgiveness.

When the frames of your perspective have a good focus, a healed focus - it will help navigate your future because of your past. When it’s helpful - that’s what we call WISDOM. The root of that is forgiveness.

And your perspective will ALWAYS need the RIGHT frame to “heal you up”. Because the reality is - YOUR “truth” isn’t always “THE TRUTH”.

A lot of people in our generation say “well this is MY truth.” Still valid in my reasoning and emotions. Is it THE TRUTH. I cant based MY whole life on MY TRUTH. The Bible says in John 16:13 that the Holy Spirit leads us into ALL truth. Not just my own ... and not just your own. It’s not YOUR truth that sets you free.

It’s THE TRUTH that sets you free.

So, what do you focus on? I’m asking this even to myself...

What is framing the lens of your perspective ?

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