Spiritual Suicide.

After all the years that I have served God, I have attended youth camps & crusades, led worship, and been in position where I would experience the presence of God like never before... to being used by God like I never could imagine. If you would've told me then that at one point I would potentially "lose" it all, that I would become someone I couldn't recognized when I looked in the mirror, I would've not believed you.

I, for years, thought I could hide behind ministry, my titles, my "gifts", I used them as filters to show people and to some how lie to myself that I was "OK". Until everything came crashing down. It was like I was sitting in my car, inside of a closed garage, allowing myself to inhale the poison of my decisions. I killing myself, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In this video I very openly talk about how I got to that point & share how to hopefully, help others prevent from getting there or recognize that they are before it's too late.

God has a BEAUTIFUL huge plan for you, and the enemy would love nothing more than for you to play Russian roulette with your life's calling .


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