Launching Spring 2020

This curriculum course is dedicated to anyone that desires help, guidance, wisdom, community, support, a safe place but most of all; practical steps in attaining & retaining freedom in areas of their life. 

For years, I went around mountains of bondage and defeat. I felt as though I had so much spiritual exposure & knowledge, but I struggled in my every day life on what it felt like, look like, sounded like to walk in freedom. My "gifts" for God, my service to Him, it was great but it couldn't "heal" me. I didn't know what it meant to have to fight for my life. When the fight came, I felt defeated - indefinitely. I've had to, from scratch, learn how to break free from bondages, how to practically walk away from soul ties, how to manage spiritual warfare, etc. 

The words Comeback Kid came to me before launching Unfiltered. I was still battling with shame heavily, I was about to lead worship for the first time in 2 years... in front crowd who knew very well of my past. I was terrified, and I felt like the "Prodigal Son". When I would pray and unravel before God... He told me the moment I picked up that mic and opened my mouth that it would bring Him glory in how He can restore & turn anything around. That this moment would be my "comeback". To not focus on what I had done , but what HE was about to do. 

The Comeback Kid Curriculum will be a 7 week course for women who desire teaching in these same areas. The teaching it self will be in a virtual classroom setting. Once the curriculum has launched & is purchased, each applicant will be sent the curriculum & a schedule of the each chapter's teachings. Each chapter will not only dive deep into a series of serious issues included but not limited to: "Fighting for Freedom", "Root Issues", "Practical Prayer", "The REAL Practical Truth about Soul Ties" & "How to: Spiritual Warfare", but each chapter will include specific "exercises" & steps to help conquer these areas. 

I'm honored to share my heart with you. I'm thankful to share my experiences and walk with you through what seems to be your "impossible". I pray if you feel this 7 week course is for you, you would send me an email below telling me WHY. I would love to hear your heart to begin to pray over you NOW. 

Come Spring 2020, I'll meet you at the battle lines sis.



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